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Sunday, October 16, 2016

What does a Freelance Writer do?

Often, I am asked to clean up, strengthen or simply "make better" someone else's words.

In many instances I am not credited, which is fine as I am ghost writing without the white sheet and eye holes.

Here is an example:

This was the client's copy and the photo shows my words.

JEFFREY‘S GARDEN IS AN OASIS IN THE semi-arid climate of SAN ANTONIO. Walking into his garden in the Northwest side of the city feels like being transported into a private oasis in the middle of some distant and exotic land.
I spent a few hours visiting his private retreat, who is divided in several type of gardens, learning what motivates someone like Jeff to create such a unique outdoor space.

Jeff has an amazing collection of travel guides, garden books and is very meticulous about documentating his visits to dozens of Botanical Gardens throughout the United States. I was really impressed with his passion for his gardening, his creativity and knowledge about plants. Jeff is proud to have visited more than 150 Botanical Gardens and public gardens in the nation! 48 of which have specifically been Japanese Gardens.