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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Obesity is Just a Term, Not a Life Sentence
Obese, like tardy and spendthrift, is a descriptive word most of us would rather not have used about us. Like buying a watch and or living within a budget, losing weight is achievable.

It begins with motivation.

Ask any heavy person why they want to lose weight and similar answers surface.
Some want to look better for themselves ir their families while others desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

Listing the reasons why weight loss is desirable is easy.

The dedication among most of us waivers when exercising makes our muscles ache, friends cheerfully slurp sugar-laden sodas, or fat stubbornly refuses to melt away.

Before signing up for the gym or swapping pasta for quinoa, increase your chances of success with some honest realizations.

Accept becoming a weight loss warrior means you are in a war – not just a battle. Your motivation must positively affect you not just physically, but mentally as well.

The latter is a fact many self-help books miss.

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