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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumnal Landscaping care
Cool breezes and colored leaves now rustle through manicured lawns and remnants of carefully tended gardens.
Before plunging temperatures, snow and ice make it impossible, a bit of work outside assures Mother Nature’s glories will blossom again next spring.

·        Dead leaves smother lawns, especially newly seeded ones. Clear them away with a bamboo rack versus a more rigid model made of steel. The springiness of bamboo catches and collects the offending leaves without ripping up tender leaves of grasses.

·        Admittedly, a grubby job, ridding your lawn of grubs is a necessary fall landscaping task before they burrow deep in the ground for a cold weather feast on grass roots.

¨      Grub patches appear as brown patches. The use of insecticides is a common practice as are organic treatments such as applying neem oil.

·        Assure a vibrant spring, tinged in yellows, red and pale pinks among other hues, by planting bulbs in clusters and pointy side up - now when the earth is cool.

¨      When looking for new places to enjoy the beauty of tulips and daffodils, to scillas, crocus ad hyacinths keep in mind the old Dutch saying, "bulbs don't like wet feet.” Plant them in well-drained and sunny areas taking into account the absence of leaves on springtime trees.

¨      For fuller floral displays, sow bulbs in clusters and with consideration to their full-grown height. Think of butter-colored tulip heads dancing over masses of purple crocus.

¨      Since squirrels and other uninvited guests sometimes unearth bulbs for a winter nibble, consider planting more than you think you will need

·        Hardy mums, as their name implies, last several seasons. Use them as focal points or accents in autumnal planter displays with ornamental kales, pansies, or peppers.
The return on an investment now in landscaping care comes with the first bud of green next year.