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Thursday, July 23, 2009

North Carolina's Paco Strickland. Master of the Flamenco

Impassioned and possessing strong rhythmic undertones define both flamenco music and Wilmington NC’s musician, William “Paco” Strickland.

So it is no wonder that "Paco" is an accomplished master of the music originating from the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. And while his career path, of over 40 years has taken him along the rhythmic roads of rock and roll to country and western, it is flamenco which he continually offers to area audiences through both live performances and his Sunday morning radio show “FLAMECO CAFÉ” on WUIN-106.7FM (The Penguin).
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Since it was first published Strickland has released his "Cape Fear Flamenco" CD filled with 27 tracks of classics like Ravel's "Bolero" to Strickland's own "Sunset on Cape Fear". Perfect music for any season and every mood
Photo courtesy Mark Courtney Star News Online/Wilmington NC